Home Base Cooking Sessions-
Together Achieving Good Grub Education & Development

“All good things start with a good base”

Mission Statement: To create teams of good food ambassadors passionate about sharing their culinary knowledge and skills with their families, colleagues, and communities.

Vision: Increase the knowledge and skill set of individuals on basic cooking techniques and methods so that they have a better understanding of what it takes to create delicious, simple, healthy food. With a better appreciation for good food the hope is that this new knowledge will transfer over into their jobs, when preparing food for their families and may also extend to their general communities.

Training sessions cover basic cooking techniques, skills and recipes which will be based around 6 key food preparations and 10 key topics. Every session will focus on how these skills will be applicable to the school lunch program with the hope that recipes will be duplicated at participants homes as well.

The idea of Home Base came from the game of tag. When you’re at Home Base you’re safe, when someone gets tagged they need to then try to get to Home Base. With this concept in mind the acronym TAGGED (Together Achieving Good Grub, Education & Development) was created.

Home Base Cooking Instructors

Chef Ryan McGuire, (Ryan McGuire resume) Executive Chef for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro, NC City Schools. Home Base Cooking program developer and author of this food blog.

Chef Ryan McGuire

Guest Chef Instructors

Breana Lai-Eating Well Magazine Assistant food editor, Registered Dietitian, co-owner of Satiate Nutrition To Table (http://www.satiatenutrition.com/).  Breana helped adapt the nutritional aspect of the Home Base program as well as development of class structure.

Ryan Conklin– Executive Chef, Rex Hospital, Black Hat Chef Instructor, http://newschoolhospitalfood.wordpress.com/.  Chef Ryan was the guest Chef for our fourth session.


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  1. I love this concept. I’ve always wondered if there were organizations out there like this. I’m a recent graduate of the chefs academy. I actually had chef Ryan for a few classes. I’m currently in alaska working at the brewhouse but when i get back to nc in December i would love to help out if or whenever help is needed.

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