Session 3



Trout En Papillote with a citrus salsa

sautéed Green Beans

Moroccan Couscous Salad

Homemade Honey Wheat Rolls

For the third session I asked that the crew members come in with a homework assignment.  The session took place in January so when thinking about what would be in season, not much came to mind locally.  I knew that citrus would be coming from the Florida area and we focus heavily on whole grains during this time in the schools.  I wanted to expose the group to other forms of grains and thought couscous would be a quick, fun, easy ingredient to demonstrate.  We’ve been discussing bringing back scratch baking to the district so I figured it would be good if we get a better idea of how to make fresh yeast rolls.

Now that we had a couple of ideas of which direction we were going in for the third session the homework assignment was to list 4 common Mediterranean ingredients and to create two recipes influenced by that region of the world.  It was great getting feed back from the crew members.

We discussed the seasonality of vegetables and what to be looking for in the Spring in the North Carolina region.  Because it was the middle of winter we thought it would be useful to discuss the importance of Antioxidants and what foods they’re found in.  We talked in more depth about leavening agents and the different types.  I wanted to demonstrate how to properly “blanch and shock” vegetables and cook them properly.  Usually we’re using commodity green beans which are already cooked and way too easy to become green mush.

The class mentioned how they would like to get more experience with other types of protein which is why we chose trout.  We all filleted our own trout and wrapped them in parchment with herbs and lemon.

At the end of class we critqued our meal and discussed what we would like to work on for the next session.

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