Session 4

mushroom-pea farro


Chef Ben Barker’s Pork Braciole

Weaver Street Markets Spring Pea & Mushroom Farro

sautéed Carrots with dill

jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

  For This session I was extremely excited to introduce Chef Ryan Conklin, Executive Chef of Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina to help instruct the class.  Chef Conklin is also food blog author of .  We were fortunate enough to combine a couple of other local connections to make this a very special event.  Weaver Street Market Cooperative agreed  to provide the school district with the grain farro so we could sample it in our middle schools (for more information on this collaboration check out “The Spread” page in this blog).  James Beard award-winning Chef Ben Barker provided me with his Pork Braciole recipe that we prepared.

  Meat fabrication, egg cookery, and quick-bread baking were some of the culinary spotlights for this session.

  We began the session by discussing the homework assignment in which crew members were asked these questions;

1) List one leavening agent

2) How do you properly thaw chicken to prevent cross contamination

3) List two local, Spring seasonal fruits and/or vegetables

4) Explain the proper method of blanching vegetables

  Other topics discussed that day were how we could think about making recipes healthier by utilizing smart substitutions. Food safety in relation to raw meat preparation and proper cleaning procedures was also reviewed.  We discussed the food cost of the pork braciolle recipe and what we would charge if we owned a restaurant.

  It was great for the group to hear from Chef Ryan and for him to be able to share his experiences and expertise with them.  This wasn’t the first visit that Chef Ryan has made to East Chapel Hill High school, check out what he did by clicking on the T.A.G.G.E.D. page in this blog.

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